13 oct New active packaging to ensure 15-days champignon preservation

The Spanish Company New Pack Technologies has developed packaging systems that could be able to decrease the total champignon produced quantity that is wasted from 22% to an impressive 11%

Growing mushroom consumption

Nowadays, there are 8 million tons of mushrooms consumed across the world every year, out of which a 20% are fresh champignons (1.6 millions), a quantity that grows year by year.

The biggest problem of the sector is the fast spoilage that this kind of products suffer, which remain able to be eaten just for 5-6 days after being harvested and packaged.

This fact causes a lot of difficulties when distributing packaged champignon, a type of product, in 2011 data, we can find in about a 60% of Spanish households.

In order to solve this obstacle, a group of food packaging researchers though about the possibility of developing a new packaging which could increase shelf life of fresh champignon.

An effective and secure solution

New Pack Technologies was born having that objective in mind. The start-up, defined as a global packaging company specialized in active fresh products packaging, has launched the new Champipack, a new active packaging that increases the champignon shelf life in a 15%.

The package is based on a structural rigid design of plastic PET with an active coating which regulates mushrooms transpiration, controls the humidity inside packaging. Furthermore, it has a rigid design as well that ensures a total protection of mushroom from impact.

Thus, thanks to those properties, Champipack potential is quite important, due to the fact that it could be able to decrease the total champignon produced quantity that is wasted from a 22% to an impressive 11%.

Benefits for companies

But benefits will not only be ecologic. Companies will also increase their market share by offering fresher and more resistant products which will increase their efficiency across the distribution chain, thanks to the shelf life extension and the decrease on waste produced by out of date food.

New Pack Technologies, with a clear international focus, is revolutionizing the packaging market with its active, intelligent and biodegradable packaging, which open new doorways for food distributors.
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