Nuria Herranz is an Agronomist Engineer in Food Processing and Technologies and MSc in Food Science and Food Technology, both degrees in Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).

She has the pre-doctoral Thesis in “Intelligent Packaging to monitor the cold chain of refrigerated products“ in the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She has a wide experience of more than 16 years in research and development activities related to packaging technologies.

Nowadays, she is a senior scientist specialized in Intelligent Packaging Systems in ITENE and head of functional inks and coatings. She participates and coordinates working groups in Research European and National Projects, such as:

  • LEE-BED – Horizon 2020. Innovation Test Bed for development and production of nanomaterials for lightweight embedded electronics.
  • COST ACTION ACTINPACK. Active and Intelligent Packaging Technologies.
  • ISA-PACK – 2011-2014 – FP7. Development of a flexible, sustainable, active and intelligent packaging solutions for fresh food, extending the shel-life and quality, improving the food safety and environmental issues.
  • NANOBARRIER – 2011-2014 – FP7. Development of a variety of sustainable and multifunctional packaging demostrators (active and intelligent) for European food sectors covering innovator materials with sensors and barrier properties based on nanothecnology.
  • BIOACTIVELAYER – 2013-2015 – R4SME. Development of a multilayer, biodegradable and active packaging solutions for dried food products.
  • COST Action – FP1104. New possibilities for print media and packaging – combining print with digital.
  • SENSOPACK – 2011-2012 – INNPACTO. Development of colorimetric indicators printed in packaging materials for chicken meat products.
  • SMARTCOLDPACK – 2011-2012 – INNPACTO. Development of a low cost intelligent packaging, by means of printing intelligent inks to control cold supply chain in food products (TTI-Time and temperature indicators).
  • AUTENTICLOUD – 2013-2015 – INNPACTO. Development of a global system for authentification and anti-counterfeiting functionalities, using mobile phones in packaging applications.

She is ITENE´s member in the Technologic Platform 3NEO “Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Nuevos Materiales, Nuevas Propiedades y Nuevos Procesos de Tecnologías de Impresión e industrias afines”. She is also coordinator of the Spanish Standardization committee related to packaging: standardization technical committee 49 / WG 10 and WG 9.